Vision mission

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Becoming Vietnam leading supplier of electrical switching equipment, protecting power stations and medium voltage lines, contributing to building a strong Vietnamese enterprise image in the eyes of world friends


Dong Hung provides good quality and high reliability electrical equipment products, diverse products with optimal utilities and perfect services to satisfy the increasing demands of customer


Dong Hung's development activities are based on 5 core values, considered the key factors that bring success to Dong Hung company.

  • COOPERATION: Dong Hung is customer-centric, constantly increasing its benefits for customers.
  • QUALITY: Dong Hung is committed to producing high quality products, constantly improving and investing in modern equipment, applying advanced scientific and technical technology to business management and production. Quality is the decisive factor to increase the competitiveness of the Company.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Building a team of human resources in accordance with the motto and orientation of the Company. The officers and employees are an invaluable asset and strength of the Company. Dong Hung always emphasizes the task of training a team of highly qualified and experienced human resources, creating an environment for human resources to maximize talent and enthusiasm, stick with the Company.
  • DISCIPLINE: Industrial style is the core value and cultural tradition of Dong Hung. The entire human resources force always upholds the sense of responsibility, professionalism, compliance with regulations and are ready to meet all job requirements.
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Dong Hung is committed to contributing to the sustainable economic development of society, improving the life of officers and employees, sharing a part of social responsibility with the community.